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How to Increase Blog Traffic? – A Discount Domains Case Study

Building a blog is a simple and convenient process. However, it is difficult to create and maintain a blog that is both successful and popular. Getting people to read and follow your blog on a regular basis is an art, especially in view of the fact that readers have thousands of blogs to choose from. […]

Duck Duck go a fast growing rival to Google!

Google is a name no more limited to a name of the company or a search engine. It has sunk deep in to our daily lives and have become an integral part of it. People often joke that things Google do not know are the things that only god knows. It has become a verb […]

Google Announces Separate Mobile Index- Things You Must Know About It!

Google declared that it will split the search engine index into two different databases, one for traditional desktops and the other for mobile devices. This move asserts the present evolving trends of mobile technology, as over 5 billion searches are carried on mobile devices compared to only 2.3 billion searches in desktops per day, which […]

Ahrefs is a really great SEO tool!

It is a commonly known fact that in order to appear among the top results of a search engine, content of a blog or website must be rich in keywords. Keywords however, are not the only parameter based on which SERPs are determined. There are several other factors and only by using SEO tools can […]

What is Penguin? How Does it Impact Your Website?

After Google confirmed that it has released its latest algorithm update, Penguin 4.0 on the 23rd September 2016, a lot of websites have been severely penalized. In fact, Google first launched Penguin 3.0 in the month of October in 2014 and it has been nearly two years since its last update. A number of websites […]

Why Should You Hire Professional Content Service?

Creating a website for your business is not merely enough these days.  In order to promote the website and create its impact in the market you need to take an extra step. Hiring professional content developers for your website is a quintessential part of the business which helps to yield maximum outcome. You cannot compromise […]