1 year of .uk

Today sees the anniversary of one of the most prominent new domain name releases of this year, and we couldn’t be happier. The .uk domain has shaped a lot of UK businesses and rebranded them into much more desirable companies, as well as helping up and coming entrepreneurs to make a name for themselves. This domain type was created to try and encourage innovation as well as loyalty in the British community, as being recognised for your location is a massively underutilised tool and allows you to identify on a ground level with your customer base by giving them something more appealing and concise to look for.

You may ask why this particular domain is deemed so important when you can already pick up a .co.uk for most sites. This is a fair point to make as there will always be the first option of a .co.uk if you don’t own one already or simply would like a newer one. However, the thing that you have to realise with .co.uk domains is that the market is massively saturated and therefore you probably aren’t going to be able to pick up a unique .co.uk domain since there are many people who already have them. However, a rebrand of a current domain would probably be a suitable and viable option purely because of the fact that it is something new and engaging for customers. As much as the .co aspect of the domain does shorten it and make it more concise and quirky the idea remains that your customers like new things, no matter how trivial or basic of a change it is. These domain types are not expensive at all and so it isn’t exactly a massive problem to invest in them which is why we recommend so highly that you pick them up.

Further to this you can be guaranteed of the .uk domain that your company is associated with if you are looking for the same domain prefix. For a limited time those that already own the .co.uk version of a domain have exclusive rights to the .uk version, which quite honestly is a massive advantage for those businesses that already have their own domain and just want to spice it up to impress their customer base. This is a great tactic to use as it is inexpensive as a campaign and would have more impact than you would think on your customer base. Consumers are likely to go to your site perhaps not having visited it for a while just to see if there are any differences and changes, which by extension can obviously lead to business and leads in general. For such a small investment this really is a great way of pulling in new clients or re-engaging with existing ones, and so be sure to consider the idea that a .uk domain is a good investment for you and your organisation.

The .uk domain was part of a massive wave of new domain types that came out over the past year, and more are being added every day in order to attract customers and give them something interesting to think about. However, nothing identifies you better as an innovative uk-based business than a .uk domain, and it is for this reason that you should pick one up just to show your UK pride as potential customers will appreciate your input and thought process towards getting one of these domains. There are so many others out there that you could have chosen from (e.g. .pub, .photography and .christmas, and so the fact that you chose to identify with them makes the whole thing all the more special.

The best part about the .uk domain and most of the new domains that are appearing nowadays is a pretty simple one: anybody can have one. Whether you are looking for a new face of your corporate site, a new domain for your small online store or something quirky to use for a blogging site then .uk is probably what you are looking for. Celebrate the 1 year anniversary of this domain in style by picking one up with Discount Domains today. We pride ourselves in being able to know a good thing when we see it and sharing it as much as we can with our customers, and so rest assured that the .uk domain is everything that you are looking for and more.