5 things that you should always look for in an app developer

appimageThere have been several website designers and developers out there for years, and for this reason it really isn’t too hard to find a decent web designer or to even attempt it yourself and get some decent results. More and more web design companies and sole traders have been cropping up all over the place and therefore most people are spoilt for choice and find it extremely hard to find a web designer who can’t offer them a very good service. In all web design in terms of online computer formats aren’t too hard to crack.

However, there has been a lot of innovation over the past few years in terms of what has been possible on android and IOS devices as well as other mobiles and tablets too. I am of course talking about the ever growing App market, which is starting to become majorly prominent as there are now over a million apps in both the Google Play store and the Apple store these days. Apps take a little more prowess to program and a new set of skills to do so, and so you need to be a bit more careful when looking for an efficient app developer. This article should help you to find the Holy Grail in terms of app developers, or to at least explain to you the traits that you should scrutinise app developers on in order to find a good one.

 Years of experience

asking a designer or developer how experienced they are in creating apps may give you a bigger picture as to how good they are at developing apps – practice makes perfect especially with a new trade and if you have an app developer that has been making apps since early versions of the Ipad then you are probably on for a winner. This can also include the amount of apps produced in this time, as saying you have been in the market for 5 years and only produced 7 apps will not instil much confidence in the consumer and buyer of this particular app. It is much better to be consistent in producing apps for a long time because it means that you have had much more time to learn from mistakes and also have smaller gaps in-between making apps which makes you much more efficient at producing them through not having to remember the techniques and re-learn them over and over again.

Ask to view/test the latest app produced

Not only do you want your developer to be able to provide in terms of the apps that they make but you also want to make sure that the design and coding that they use is as modern as possible. This is of the upmost importance since some developers may only be able to use early coding for apps and therefore will not produce an app that could be considered to be recent and relevant. If you are happy with the most recent app the company has produced as well as a couple of others then they should seem a lot more trustworthy.

 Look for reviews of the company that you are asking to produce the app

If somebody else has had an app from these people they are likely to have left a review on a linkedin profile or perhaps given their provider a review – without this sort of customer satisfaction reassurance you may not be able to judge whether or not they are a good app developer or not. Do not only look for how good the app itself is aswell, and also think about the timeframe that it took and whether the overall customer service was good. If the company can only develop and produce the app after several months for a basic app you may want to think about a different provider.

Amount of time their company/organisation has been established

Although there may be some sole trader app developers out there that develop apps from word of mouth or being notoriable in certain companies it is extremely unlikely and doesn’t happen very often purely from the amount of levels that you must go through in order to create an app. It would also lead to a lot of queued work and make them far less productive making the whole concept relatively pointless.

For the companies that are producing apps one of the things that you should grill them on is not only how long the organisation has been doing apps but also the amount of time that they have been carrying out their other exploits such as hosting/web design etc. for a company that has been established for a very long time you can normally assume that they are trustworthy enough to consider purchasing an app from. It is only natural to question organisations that haven’t been around for too long.

Attention to detail

Depending on your budget and spend on an app you will be expecting differing levels of effort being put into creating an app, as obviously spending more money will give you a more personalised app or one that has incredible attention to detail in every aspect. This could be anything from a colour scheme to general functionality of certain buttons and features. In essence you are looking for a developer that gives you a good cost and yet knows how to pay attention to detail to make your app as personal and high-quality as possible. Without these things you could be left with an app that doesn’t really offer much in terms of appeal to customers even if you paid a premium price for it.

To conclude, all of these things are very useful tools when looking to find a good app developer. They are boxes that we can have ticked at Discount Domains as we take extra care to make apps as personalised and appealing to customers as possible, and by extension this means that we have a high satisfaction rate, as we pull from over 10 years experience in web design to produce the very best for our customers. We have been developing apps for a long period of time aswell in the early stages of the tablet market and are absolutely devoted to keeping our methods as current as possible in order to provide our customers with the most up-to-date app development out there.