Business VOIP save money and increase flexibility

Have you looked at Business VOIP recently?  The concept is the same as what you might be used to with SKYPE but the quality is far better, as its a paid for service, you get far more dedicated bandwidth and professional handsets.  Basically now broadband is on average pretty fast now then the quality is indistinguishable from traditional telephony.

A great advantage of VOIP is that you can choose any UK dialing code you like or a non geographical one such as 0845 and yet you can plug in the phone to any broadband connection.  So if you decide to employ a homeworker in Scotland they can still have a London number.

What’s more is that its free to make calls between VOIP users on the same account, so if you have an branch office network then getting business VOIP can be a way to save money.   Monthly rental and calls costs are cheaper than BT.

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