West Midlands App Developers

Although you would have thought that being an internet based company would mean that we get work from all over the world surprisingly a lot of customers still prefer to deal with local companies, I guess its down to being able to come over to our office and sit down with the team and work with real people.

Anyway for whatever reason we do get a good number of queries from the West Midlands area, we are based in Telford Shropshire which some would say isn’t actually the Midlands! But as most of us see ourselves as from the Midlands that’s not a problem.  We are only a couple of minutes from the M54 Junction4 and from there its just a couple of junctions down the M6.

Our team is growing steadily, we cater for mostly Android and IOS apps though we have undertaken a couple of Windows Surface applications and of course PC and Mac ones.

If you need a quote or are looking for a developer in this area then give us a call we would be delighted to talk and meet up if you need.  We also have a dedicated web design team which work closely with the App Development one making it easy to come up with an integrated solution.