Does Google treat Social Media pages differently from web ones?

Here is a great video by Google’s Matt Cutts (one of their senior engineers) in it he suggests that the total number of follower on twitter or facebook are not currently part of the Google Algorithm, that should be an eye opener for some of our clients who spend money each month actually buying followers! ┬áThere is no value in that approach other than vanity!

What is valuable is to try to entice real followers to follow you, and of course all that only is of practical assistance if you actually post useful information on a regular basis – facebook and twitter “present” your posts to your followers so if you don’t post then all the money spent or efforts on collecting followers will be for nothing…

Also followers tend to unfollow after a while if you don’t contribute anything interesting so each post you make needs to be rich and valuable not just one liners about trivia.

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