Keywords in your domain name

Keywords in the name itself

A few years ago keywords were much more valuable in the domain name from a SERPS (Search Engine Results Placement) point of view.  Its still a factor just a less significant one than before.   When you do a Google Search the keyword in the domain shows up also.  Even that factor in itself will improve slightly your click through rate and over time and lots of results will slightly favour your results over a non-keyword rich domain.

Where in the domain? Front, Middle or end?

A keyword at the beginning of a domain will have a slight edge over one with a keyword in the middle or at the end.  We suggest a short easy to remember domain is best with your main keyword first if you can find one.

Sub domains and root domains

Keywords seem to help in sub domains also, though this is again not significant.

The new domain types

With nearly 1,200 new domain types on their way to market its now much easier to match together domains and keywords.

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