Something New: .boutique

What is the Intention of a Domain Name?

A domain name exists to give sites, businesses and people identification on the internet. Over the past 25 years the internet has grown hugely as have the demand, need and want for domain names. Hence the ever growing list that is available to you.

They are formed from procedures and rules sent out from the DNS and all domain names have to be registered through this. Without these the internet would be useless as domains are used to host websites and all other networks and services connected to the internet.

It is essential that they are memorable so that users are able to find resources on the internet quickly and that they’re related to their desired search. From this you have an established identity on the internet.

The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing your domain name. You can have it related to you, your business, your name or what you see fit. But relating it to what you are selling or talking about can give you improved results.

Generic domains have been proven to be very popular and these don’t have to be related to your company just your chosen category, for example or

Over the years…

To show the growth over the past 20 odd years alone; in 1992 there were 15,000 .com domains registered. In 2009 there were over 192 million domains registered in total. Then in 2012 it was shown that had more registrations than any other domain combined.

Something new: .boutique

Due to the huge growth in the market there is an ever growing list of domains which are available. At Discount Domains we pride ourselves in keeping up with the new domains names in the industry and following the trends.

New to a domain list is .boutique. A unique domain name that is perfect for boutique owners, whether it is an online shop or an actual shop this is the domain to have! It will allow you to open up your search options and will allow you appeal to more users who are searching for boutiques, equaling in improving your search results.

Have you got a small fashion shopping outlet? Selling unique items? This will be the perfect for you and is soon to be the leading domain for professional and up and coming boutiques world wide.

If you wish to purchase .boutique domain then follow this link or call us on 01952 898 701 where our customer service team can assist you.

Found on Wikimedia

Found on Wikimedia