Spam Spam and more Spam

Spam seems to be an ever increasing issue, 10 years ago, we hardly had a call about it, but these days, its a regular topic for discussion with callers to our Telford call centre.

If you are experiencing problems with Spam and have a /cpanel system running with us, then the good news is that there is a lot you can do to cut down the problem.

1) Use a dedicated email account and not the catch all.

If you use the same details to access mail as you do to login to our /cpanel system then you are using the “Catch all” mail box, the problem with it is that spammers tend to send mail to random email addresses, in the hope of reaching someone with that address, the catch all does just what it suggests, it receives mail to any address other than dedicated ones, so it tends to get the most spam.

So the solution is setup a dedicated email address, then go to the Default menu option and switch the option to “discard” this will automatically delete all mail that doesn’t have a specific address setup.

 2) Turn On / Turn Up your Spam Assassin

This is a option you can find within your /cpanel area, the lower the setting the more aggressively it will filter and discard spam mails, there is also the option to auto delete spam.

3) Setup filters

Filters are great, you can filter mails by particular words, or by particular domain types.

Our advice

The best advice is to experiment with all the above options, when used together they can reduce spam by 90% or more, and therefore are well worth spending the time implementing each option.

Getting mail rejected by third parties?

Sometimes customers get malware on their devices, which results in spam mails being sent out without their knowledge, this can impact on innocent customers due to the sharing of IP addresses across multiple accounts, if this happens to you speak to our team about purchasing a dedicated IP address, as that will isolate the issue to your own devices.

If you need advice, just call our main number on 01952 898701