The Benefits of Registering your Domain Name using a Janet Registrar

Basically domain names play an important role, since they make up the addressing system used by the internet. Also, without this system the addressing scheme would not be effective. Every computer connected to the internet has its own unique address, and since it is not possible to remember the IP address of all websites one visits frequently, domain names and extensions were devised. Extensions specify the field to which the organization belongs, thus making it easy for one to remember a web address. Janet Registrar is a popular organization offering domain names, and associated services to the academic website of UK. Listed below are some of the benefits of choosing this service provider for using this extension.

Importance of domain extension

Janet registrar manages the domain and through a special service ‘whois’, they are able to offer names and other details of websites which have registered. All educational and academic websites in UK are registered under this domain. This domain extension plays a crucial role as extensions specify the type of website one might visit, moreover, when the extension specifies it is an academic website; one is assured of finding reliable information about the topic being accessed by the individual. Not only is the domain extension essential for determining the reliability of a website, but also assists in searching for other websites with this extension. While mostly only colleges and universities situated in the UK are only eligible for use of this domain extension, some societies offering education and training also qualify. The rules of registration are quite complex, however, detailed instruction and guidance is offered by the official registrar, simplifying the task manifold.

Process of obtaining this domain extension


The Janet Registrar has been responsible for the registration of this domain extension for nearly 2 decades. Moreover, administration of this extension also falls under this registrar and all new customers connecting to this domain have to contact the Janet network. A customer registered under this domain receives a single domain name, with a reasonable charge for covering all administrative services associated with the domain. Registrars who have been approved by this organization can register domains with this extension, thus effectively hosting them for customers who have not yet been registered under the Janet Registrar for obtaining their domain name. Thus, only a registrar approved by this registrar of this organization itself can only approve of registration for this domain.

Discount domain

When registering for a domain name a customer needs to pay a reasonable sum, in order to host their website. The registration process ensures that once the domain name is registered under a customer, it makes their web address authentic. Moreover, no other organization can use its name once it is registered, thus ensuring protection to its potential visitors from fake organizations. However, it is possible to obtain discounts while registering an organization’s website. Also, by becoming a member one need not spend extra on VAT, and several additional services offered.

Friendly customer service

When availing any service, customer service is one of the factors which play an important role in choosing the service provider. The team of Janet Registrar offers amazing customer service, ensuring all issues of every customer are resolved immediately. Moreover, they also keep track of the requirements of every customer, and monitoring if any service does not meet their requirements. When facing any issues concerning this domain all a customer needs to do is access the websites as there are numerous guides, which offer thorough instructions, making it fairly convenient for any individual to follow. In case a customer is unable to resolve the issue after accessing the information offered, they can readily contact the service provider. The customer service is prompt in offering assistance to customers, resolving all issues as soon as possible.

UK based


Internet has become one of the most widely sort after service provider, as one can access any information about almost any topic. Since, it is so popular most educational organizations too feel the need to have their own website, making it easier to offer their students information as well as regular updates about activities. Also, these websites make it easier for potential students to access information about the institute and the courses offered, making the task of planning their future simple. Also, contacting the institute through the website ensures their queries reach the right source, and guarantees that they will require a proper answer for their query.

Family based firm

When choosing a service provider for any service, most organizations tend to choose the best, since it guarantees their growth through the service. Also, it offers numerous benefits, which cannot be obtained by choosing a mediocre service provider. Thus, by choosing this family based firm an educational organization not only benefits but also becomes a reliable organization through its association. Moreover, as it is a family based firm therefore, one need not doubt its credibility or capability, making it easier for them to make a final decision regarding availing of their services.

Culture of customer and community service

Customers are the most essential part for the functioning of any organization; therefore most services are centred around customer satisfaction, since all services are offered based on customer requirements. Thus, by offering quick service to customers as well as the community ensures this organization boosts its growth. It is a crucial factor and by offering these services, a firm can observe the changes which are significantly noticeable in the growth of the organization. It ensures that effort is not wasted and directed to the areas which need focus, rather than being wasted on areas which do not require further development.

Therefore, by choosing this organization for registering a domain name, one experiences numerous benefits, making their website highly effective both in terms of reliability and SEO services.SEO plays an important role in making a website accessible to potential customers since SERPs are used for determining the position of an organization, with respect to its competitors. Thus, availing the service of this firm is highly beneficial and a worthy investment.


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