Duck Duck go a fast growing rival to Google!

Google is a name no more limited to a name of the company or a search engine. It has sunk deep in to our daily lives and have become an integral part of it. People often joke that things Google do not know are the things that only god knows. It has become a verb for searching anything and everything by the present generation. All we say is, you are not finding it, just Google it.

 But the question is, is Google the only search engine available to us? Don’t we have any other search engine which may not be as famous as Google but is providing better facilities, services, tools and privacy? The answer to the above questions is yes, there are alternatives available to us. All we need to do is search, explore and accept new things coming to us. Instead of being limited to all that has gained popularity we should be ready to explore new things and find out how much novelty they have got to offer to the users.

Duck Duck can become a great alternative for Google!

Duck is an amazing search engine and has come up as a great alternative for Google. Though most of us are not facing major issues with Google as a search engine but these days how much creativity or innovation is shown by the later in order to entice the people who depend on it for their work. It has more or less started taking the clients for granted as his clients are his and they will not go anywhere else. But now Duck Duck is emerging as a fresh and unique option available to the users. It has developed a community of its own where you can find other people like your friends and relatives and invite them for using the search engine. More or less it is a place where you can search, connect, communicate and share. Isn’t is fun when you can do so much more instead of using a search engine only for searching content.

Duck Duck is small but all set to grow big!


There is no denial of the fact that any start up has to begin small and then slowly and steadily it paves his way towards becoming a big enterprise. Same is the case with Duck Duck search engine which is growing big day by day. There can be many factors that attributes to the growth of the search engine.

First and foremost is the quality of content offered by the search engine. Duck Duck will definitely get brownie points for this. It is putting lot of effort in maintaining rich content on the search engine. When you will search about anything n it, there are high chances you will get worthy information and no non sense on it. Rich quality content available on the search engine ranks high in SEO ranking and is quite useful for the both the user and the blogger.

Duck Duck has also been able to maintain the quality and authenticity of the content available on it because it uses Wikipedia as source of its content. Wikipedia is a well known online Encyclopaedia and have authentic information about almost everything present in the world. When a search engine provides information from such a source then it is likely to be high quality and authentic for the users.

Duck Duck is fast and easy for you!

Google is a very old player and you will see a Google chrome icon on almost every PC, laptop, palmtop, tablet and smart phone. Duck Duck is new but it has promising future. Best part of Duck Duck is that it is not cluttered. Finding any information on this search engine is quite simple and convenient comparatively. When you will start using Duck Duck you will be definitely reminded of early days of Google when it used to come up with apt search results swiftly. Since there is not too much content or search load on the Duck Duck search engine, the results obtained are swift and appropriate. There will be no exaggeration in saying that you will reach to the desired content in a very short span of time.

Duck Duck has made it a point that you reach the destination content in as few clicks as possible. It has arranged the content in such a manner that anything you search for should display on the screen in minimum clicks possible. This has not only increased the search speed on the search engine but it has also added to the convenience of the users by many folds.

Privacy is never a issue when you are on Duck Duck!


The best part about Duck Duck is that we respect your freedom to search any kind of content you want and thus privacy is never an issue with us. We don’t need and never collect any personal information of the user and thus do not have any information available to us for sharing.

Apart from that there are many other cool features which make Duck Duck a better choice as a search engine. You are not only searching information for yourself but you can help others in doing so too.

Monopoly is bad and competition is good!

For more than a decade Google has been the king of search engines. When you have a monopoly is any particular field, you get the arrogance of being the best. But then you stop innovating and creating and go on delivering what you have always delivered. You may change some significant and insignificant changes here and there but overall there is no change in your product form

The picture changes for you when a competitor and that to a one who is giving fierce competition enters the frame. Healthy competition will be good for both the companies. Both of them will get positive inspiration to innovate and provide best possible services, tools and features to the users.