Ezinearticles – Oh how the mighty have fallen

Ezinearticles was once the search marketeers dream, high quality, high traffic, great exposure for your website and work.  But things have gone sour it seems.


Notice how our articles were getting as many as 10K page views per day back in 2009 and now we are doing well to get 30 view per day.  That is the same articles on the same site.

We have around 700 articles still on Ezinearticles dating back to 2006, they are old projects and most of the sites are not even live anymore but its really interesting to see that whilst the quality of content is as good as ever, and the articles are still relevant now – their traffic has tailed off.  In fact it crashed then tailed off.

This is down to Google’s Panda filter – the content is good no issues, but shock horror there are duplicate versions of these articles on the web, as the screw has been tightened one algo update by another each article has become more and more toxic, until they are now passing a Penguin penalty along to its target site if there is a dofollow link present. Google’s Penguin filter is applied to pages linked by pages themselves subject to Panda.

The result Ezinearticles has progressively been driven out of the search results.  They announced on Friday a move site wide to nofollow which means the Penguin penalty above is no longer going to be an issue.  But it just goes to show where Google has gone with this.  High quality sites and now being trashed if there is any duplicate content.  Its gone so far that high quality content can now give you a penalty if its in the wrong place.

So our message for the day – scour your site with copyscape constantly!  Be ultra careful with your content and where you place it.