Need help with a Google Penalty? – we are experts ask us today.

Google has caused no end of problems for webmaster and website owners with its Panda (content) and Penguin (link) filters.  These aim to reduce the prominence of sites that have duplicate content or have too many low quality links pointing to them.  The problem being that the result can be severe problems for a business that gets impacted.

Here is an example from a customer who came to us two months ago, they had a whole raft of problems, spammers had copied their whole website, and in the past they had used a cheap and cheerful SEO firm that built a whole load of spammy links.  If that wasn’t bad enough they also had a lot of guest content on their site. That all worked until they got hit with a Penalty and the cheap and cheerful SEO firm had disappeared.


As you can see we have started to turn it around for this client, after about 6 weeks of hard work, the results have started to show.

How have we done it / are doing it?

Well its not rocket science, it just takes hard work and a load of time.

There are two angles to work on


Here we are working through every page of the clients site and it has around 650 pages.  Checking every one using copyscape and similar tools.  Then

  • If content has been copied by a third party – we contact the offending webmasters and ask to remove the duplicated versions.
  • Or if the content was itself copied from a third party, we either remove it or rewrite it

So either way the result is unique content sitewide.


If links are not of the right standard then we:-

  • Request their removal or it be amended to nofollow from the third party site
  • Add it to the disavow list if we can’t get it removed.  This disavow list is then uploaded into Google’s webmaster tools.

Each week we then review progress and continue on until the recovery is achieved.

It can be tough to achieve enough progress as Google expects a thorough clean up before they reverse penalties.  If you have problems like this why not call us and ask for a quote to help.  Our Search team can be reached on our main number 01952 898701.  This isn’t a cheap solution but if your business is in trouble as a result of a Google Penalty it maybe your only way out.