The Benefits of .wales and .cymru Domain names

With the advancement of internet and the ecommerce business gaining momentum, domain names have gained much importance. They are becoming the trendsetters these days. With a specific domain name, it becomes very easy to search for products and services available in that particular area or part of the world. Domain names represent the brands of the website.

Choosing an appropriate domain name is the crucial and important step for managing one’s brand. Using apt domain names shall drive the web traffic to the correct and related sites without much of search. They help in building the brand name of the website, gain good impression and feedback from the customers and also improve the rankings of the website.

The domain names such as .com, .uk, have all been exhausted. It is very much necessary that new and innovative domain names come up. Just as the domain name extension .london was launched, efforts were taken for introducing the domain name specifically for the people and the business development of Wales. As a result of the constant efforts, .cymru and .wales have been introduced as the new domain names for the region of Wales. There are several benefits of having specific domain names for Wales some of which are as follows:

Shows you are Welsh or based in Wales: .wales and .cymru- the name itself indicates that you are established in Wales. It gives yourself and your business the needed identity. If you happen to be a resident of Wales then the domain name explains by itself that you are based in Wales.

If you are operating a business in Wales then choosing .wales and .cymru will be more beneficial. All the people browsing the internet shall come to know that your business is based in Wales. The domain name itself suggests that your website shall be the best option for them and drive a decently good and favourable traffic to your website.


Perfect for business and personal use:The new domain name extensions .wales and .cymru exclusively for Wales shall be able to put the nation online at par with other nations. Such domain names shall provide the opportunities for the development of new and existing businesses. It will be the perfect way to establish your identity either as an individual or as a business entity. It shall affirm that you are based in Wales and that you are Welsh. Using the domain name you can make your presence felt strongly on the online map. You can explore several business opportunities across the globe and promote your business worldwide.

Make a statement about your pride in Wales:The domain names for Wales shall help the nation in exploring and exploiting all the business opportunities using the digital technology. The people of Wales can be proud to have their own domain name. They can take this opportunity to establish new business connections across the globe. They can expand their existing business; find new clients and customers around the world. The domain names are self-explanatory. Hence, much of efforts are not required to establish their identities.

It’s different! : The domain name is totally different in itself. With the domain names like .com and getting exhausted, there has arisen a need to introduce new domain names that are self-explanatory and simple for the online customers. The .wales and .cymru are the two domain name extensions that serve the purpose of the hour. They are very apt and appealing to the internet customers. Instead of using long and cumbersome domain names, simple ones like these are very useful and beneficial to all. Even the customers prefer to remember short and hassle free domain names. This helps in diverting the web traffic to the related and appropriate websites without searching long on the internet.

It is open and more oriented towards Wales: It will indeed be a happy moment for all the residents of Wales to have an exclusive domain name for their nation. It shall make the people of the nation stand out in the crowd. As many competitors are hanging on to the old domain names, it will be easy to acquire the domain name for one’s business. You shall also get an edge over your competitors. As you are identified by the customers online, it shall reduce your efforts for marketing your business. This in turn reduces your marketing cost. The domain name shall speak directly about your business and open up new and potential opportunities. You can witness good web traffic to your sites.


Brand protection and management: The main purpose of the domain name is to make a place for your brand in the online business world. The domain names .wales and .cymru shall help you in achieving this goal. They shall help you in reaching out your brand to many people not only in Wales but across the globe as well. It will bolster your website and bring recognition to your brand. This way you can reduce your marketing costs, increase your sales potentially and thereby taste greater profits.

They may be available in this versionas compared to the other versions: Selecting an appropriate domain name is very important for a good ecommerce business. Proper domain names drive the right kind of web traffic to your site. Selecting and getting the required domain name is not that easy in .com and other formats. You will have to choose form then available domain names or be satisfied with the allotted domain name. But it is not the case with these domain names. You can get the one of your choice. Your clients will also be satisfied with the appropriate domain names. This will increase the web traffic to your website thereby increasing your sales and profits substantially.

Conclusion:Ifyou are sure and satisfied that your business will benefitted by using .wales and .cymru as the domain names, then go for it and get them registered. You can register at Discount Domains which is very close to the Welsh border being based in Shropshire and is ideal to serve the Welsh market place.