PrestaShop Web Hosting: A Complete Solution to All Your Ecommerce Needs!

The PrestaShop e-commerce solution is a well-structured free open software that provides robust, powerful and flexible shopping cart system. Today, it is maintained by over 100 qualified individuals, encompassing almost 340,000 community members. It is no wonder why popular stores from 150 countries love to go for Prestashop every time.

Working with PrestaShop is easy and most importantly it looks great, that is what makes it one of the finest option for amateurs to professionals. The software includes tons of exciting features such as statistics, search engine optimization tools, shipping options, multiple payment along with loads of extensions, modules and themes that allow the users to customize the layout and functionality of the e-commerce site. It does not end here, as there are even unlimited shipping carriers, categorizes and currencies, so that both large and small scale online store can make the most of it.

Do You Have a PrestaShop Ecommerce Store?

rp_prestashop.jpgCompared to other open source applications available, PrestaShop is relatively user friendly, but at the same time it is packed with exceptional features that can be utilized for designing complex carts to perfection. Perhaps due to its simplicity, there are more and more companies which are integrating their e-commerce site with PrestaShop and the best part is that there is no sort of coding knowledge required while using it, but basic skills can undoubtedly come handy.

Now, PrestaShop as itself will never be able to derive the results that you are looking for. Hence, counting on a certified company which specializes in PrestaShop web hosting is essential. This is where the competent services of discountdomainsuk makes it way.

We are best in the business because our hosting is


There cannot be an alternative to fast and effective support. As, a website, especially the e-commerce site comprises of various moving segments, and those things can fall apart if you are not backed up a respectable hosting. So to keep the things running in a seamless manner, you need PrestaShop web hosting with a difference and the work of discountdomainsuk is to provide you the same.

With the hosting you can take advantage of powerful and optimized servers that come up with the best performance through

  • Speed oriented hardware data setup
  • Huge data centers across different regions and
  • 24/7 proactive support

Impeccable Uptime:

The respectable uptime of 99.9% is emerging to be a golden asset for e-commerce websites these days. Even a slightest percent below that may not be acceptable to your customers, because yet again the uptime will have a strong influence over the credibility of the store. Taking that into consideration, the discountdomainsuk has geared high quality and performance driven data centers, providing better uptime in both mobile and web-based platforms.

UK Based:

british-flagAnother aspect that extremely matters is the geography of the hosting company. And if you are a UK based e-store then you must go for a local hosting provider, without giving a second thought to it. This is crucial because

  • Service: One simple reason that makes local hosting provider your ultimate helping hand is their service. Since the services are local, it is easier to contact through live chat, email or even phone support, ensuring that your problem is resolved as soon as possible. It is indeed an amazing advantage of discountdomainsuk.
  • Security: Next comes security. The risk of unauthorized access or data vulnerability reduces to a greater extent when with UK based hosting solutions. And in the event, if something unexpected occurs then you can detect the problem through highly efficient services of the hosting.
  • Strong network: When you have an online store that primarily deals at the local frontier, then it would be logical to hire hosting present in the same geographic location. As, this can even provide a much needed post to your search engine rankings.

UK IP Address:

To run a successful, secured and strong UK based e-commerce store, there cannot be a better option than UK IP Address. In fact, studies reflect that most of the companies which accomplish first page Google rankings have an added advantage of Local IP Address.

This is because reputable search engines like Google have a strong affinity to geographic implications, hence with this when you host the site locally using discountdomainsuk then you can enhance its visibility when customers are in the lookout of local businesses such as yours.

Experts at your fingertips:

digital-profitThough PrestaShop is a lightweight application in terms of its file size and it is even stripped off excessive or unnecessary coding, but still you may require the help and support of an expert at some or the other point of time. With this, you can easily design and highly versatile e-commerce site that connects with the customers in no time.

Therefore, when handling PrestaShop or the web-design becomes a worry then you can go for the experts of discountdomainsuk, as here you will be assisted by competent and experienced professionals without any sort of complications.

Revamp Your Ecommerce Store With PrestaShop Web Hosting Services

The time has come to revamp the essence of your e-commerce website with the help of advance and effective PrestaShop web hosting solutions. Though this you can

  • Focus on User Experience
  • Modernize the Pages
  • Dig Deep into Analytical tools
  • Frame Precise Call to Action and
  • Master the Art of SEO

Whether you are a small or large e-commerce UK based website, PrestaShop web hosting is the need of the hour that should never be neglected.

And if you have any sort of doubts or queries associated with the hosting services then you can approach the 24 X 7 customer service network of discountdomainsuk at once, where each and every question will be answered by the team of qualified professionals, who are more than happy to help you out with the hosting of your e-commerce platform.

After all, to make your business achieve new heights of success you require a fast, potent and reliable discountdomainsuk provider!