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Reading Level of your pages and Google

Did you know that Google now is able to estimate the reading level of a page, it does this using a number of well established formulae that were developed in the 19th and 20th Century by mathematicians studying language usage, these count up the number of words and then look at the ratio of verbs […]

Rich media on your page seems to help with Google

Customers are always asking how to get better results on Google, the answer we always give is improve the content on your site.  Often this is more about improving what is there, fleshing pages out so they describe a clients product, or actually mention it when its not mentioned currently. What Google seems to currently […]

Keywords in your domain name

Keywords in the name itself A few years ago keywords were much more valuable in the domain name from a SERPS (Search Engine Results Placement) point of view.  Its still a factor just a less significant one than before.   When you do a Google Search the keyword in the domain shows up also.  Even […]

What Factors other than Page Rank are Important for Google Search?

We have often seen people obsessed with their page rankings. They believe higher page ranking can help them to divert more and more traffic towards their website. It is very important for them to understand that page ranking is only one of the 200 signals used to judge you SEO on Google. There is no […]

Should I link my domains together to help my Google Rankings?

Well its a question that does get asked by customers from time to time.  Watch the following video from Google’s Matt Cutts (one of their engineers) and get advice direct from the horses mouth! Our view is that you should only link sites together for the following reasons:- The content matches so themes are the […]

Does Google treat Social Media pages differently from web ones?

Here is a great video by Google’s Matt Cutts (one of their senior engineers) in it he suggests that the total number of follower on twitter or facebook are not currently part of the Google Algorithm, that should be an eye opener for some of our clients who spend money each month actually buying followers! […]

Guest blogging another thing to avoid

Google has been gradually clamping down on guest blogging, at one time it was a great way of bring focused visitors to your site and at the same time picking up a few back links (links are the online equivalent of votes).  But those days are long over.  Google now detects if a blog is […]

Using Google Analytics

A great tool provided free by Google, well free in exchange for access to all your data (!) is Google Analytics, if you are not already using it then we thoroughly recommend that you install it, it shows you the source of your traffic, how many visitors you get, which page they visit and for […]

Can I Buy a Domain that Used to Have Spam on it and Still Rank?

Watch the following video from Matt Cutts head of Google’s web spam team. You would never want to invest on domain, create the link ups & articles and later realize that you have purchased an unworthy domain to begin with. So, the question that arises here is- “can buying a spam domain help you in […]

Does linking or interlinking my own sites cause a problem on Google?

We get asked this question a lot, historically there was never an issue but Google are now more than ever are looking at the theme of your sites, if closely related sites inter-link at least in a limited way, not site wide of course, that is fine.  If the theme does not match then you […]